Reduce your cost-per-hire.

AdBuilder allows you to quickly create optimised and fully inclusive job adverts that are the key to a lower cost-per-hire.

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reduce cost-per-hire

Directly reduce your cost-per-hire

Adverts from AdBuilder outrank agencies on the job boards, meaning you’ll get applications before they do.

That means no more agency fees, allowing you to massively reduce your cost-per-hire.

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reduce cost-per-hire

Take back your day

Four fully inclusive and SEO optimised job adverts in less than 10 minutes? No way.

Yes way! Take back your day and regain control of your recruitment process simply by using AdBuilder.

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reduce cost-per-hire

Fully inclusive adverts in 5 minutes flat.

AdBuilder flags every potentially offensive term and suggests neutral synonyms to instantly replace them with.

Being a two click process, you can quickly remove bias language in less than 5 minutes.

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job adverts

“We haven’t got a clue, or the time, how to write a job advert. Which meant whenever we tried to recruit for ourselves, we’d most often fail and have to use an agency and our cost-per-hire would shoot up. AdBuilder has changed that completely. We can now create quality job adverts in minutes and get our ads ranking higher than most agencies’. It’s been a genuine game-changer for us and has helped us save a huge amount of money on agency fees.”
Anthony Hughes
Senior Partner, Room 61

How it works, in 3 steps

Simple pricing that scales with the size of your business.

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See how AdBuilder will transform your business.

Fill more roles first time around, and take the pain, hassle and hours out of writing job adverts. Free up your time, level up the playing field and make your business more productive than it’s ever been before.

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