Reduce your cost-per-hire by 27% in less than 10 minutes.

  • Attract more quality applicants
  • Save money on recruitment agency fees
  • Minimal effort, thought or time required

Brilliantly written, properly structured and fully inclusive job adverts that really talk to the best people are the key to a lower cost-per-hire. AdBuilder makes it easy.

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Unlock the secret to recruiting for yourself and drastically reduce your cost-per-hire.

When most companies try to recruit for themselves, they’ll put an advert online only for it to bomb and to then need a recruitment agency’s help. What do agencies know that you don’t?

Simple: How to write an effective job advert.

AdBuilder levels up the playing field, allowing you to quickly and automatically create the kind of job adverts that outrank the competition and get the best people applying, slashing your cost-per-hire in the process.

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Make your job adverts fully inclusive and hit your corporate diversity goals.

Using the wrong language in your job adverts can have a massive negative impact on their performance.

With the AdGrader plugin, AdBuilder screens your final advert for any potentially gender-coded or discriminatory language and suggests neutral synonyms to use instead.

Which means that all your adverts are fully inclusive and appeal to as diverse an audience as possible, which in turn means you’ll have the best possible chance of filling the role first time around and reducing your cost-per-hire.

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Never copy-and-paste a job spec again. Post adverts that work instead.

Slipping into lazy habits is an easy trap to fall into. Or maybe you just don’t know the best way to structure and optimise a job advert.

One thing is certain though: If you use a pasted internal job specification for your adverts, you might as well not bother advertising in the first place.

AdBuilder will allow you to kiss goodbye to the ultimate recruitment advertising cardinal sin, helping you to create beautifully brilliant and bespoke job ads in minutes that are properly structured and will help you fill more roles first time around, significantly reducing your cost-per-hire.

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Finally: Gain the ability to consistently and predictably recruit for yourself.

Writing a decent bespoke job advert from scratch can be a daunting, lengthy experience, especially if it’s not your day job. AdBuilder helps you create fully optimised and fully inclusive job adverts that even the best recruitment advertising copywriters would be proud of, in less than 10 minutes.

Which means you’ll free up huge amounts of time, whilst massively improving the effectiveness of your job adverts and the quality of your applicants. And most importantly, you’ll eliminate any reliance you have on recruitment agencies and significantly reduce your cost-per-hire.

Here’s how it works:

Trusted by global direct employers who want to successfully recruit for themselves and reduce their cost-per-hire.

And all of which at some point experienced the same pains and issues that you’re going through right now. None of which turned back once they’d tried AdBuilder.
job adverts

“As a managed services company we haven’t got a clue how to write a job advert. Which meant whenever we tried to recruit for ourselves, we’d most often fail and have to use an agency and our cost-per-hire would shoot up. AdBuilder has changed that completely. We can now create quality job adverts in minutes and get our ads ranking higher than most agencies’. It’s been a genuine game-changer for us and has helped us save a huge amount of money on agency fees.”
Anthony Hughes
Senior Partner, Room 61

See how AdBuilder will transform your business.

Fill more roles first time around, make big savings on your cost-per-hire and take the pain, hassle and hours out of writing job adverts. Free up your time, level up the playing field and make your business more productive than it’s ever been before.

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